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My mind is plagued by thoughts that extend the limits of normalcy.. I'm a slightly eccentric university student who wishes time were infinite. Doctor Who fanatic.. anti-Moffat...bit of an otaku. Life-long Pokemon fan.(Green Oak, guys.. Green.. Oak) Ten x Rose. Soma. Royai. Franticshipping. KeiiRena. I recommend Higurashi to all of you! That is all for now. Don't be scared to talk to me. I probably love you unless you're rude to me or my friends.

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turn ons

  • 6ft males that play with kittens


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Whenever you’re sad take ten minutes and talk to yourself like you’re Black*Star.

Your self esteem gets instantly better.

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What's your major in college?




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gah youre so sweet for calling me lovely. I wish I had a newish ds so we could pokébattle


Awww!!! You really are though! :) And I would LOVE to battle! One day when you get a newish DS let me know and we’ll set something up. I warn you, I’m good! Haha


reblog if your url is your name in real life

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