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My mind is plagued by thoughts that extend the limits of normalcy.. I'm a slightly eccentric university student who wishes time were infinite. Doctor Who fanatic.. anti-Moffat...bit of an otaku. Life-long Pokemon fan.(Green Oak is bae.) Ten x Rose. Soma. Royai. Franticshipping. KeiiRena. Go watch Higurashi now you fools! :3 That is all for now. Don't be scared to talk to me. I probably love you unless you're rude to me or my frannnddss.

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The lovely, and-twice-as-stubborn , sent me one of those 5 facts things and I answered it, but something went horribly wrong, so I’m just gonna do it again. Haha. (:

  1. I was born in Helsinki Finland.

  2. I am studying International Relations with concentrations in international business and CS at University.

  3. I’m passionate about writing and try to get at least something down on paper before bed every night.

  4. I’ve had juvenile diabetes for 15 years.

  5. I’ve been told I’m frighteningly good at Pokemon battling. I suppose that may be true; I do love it and try to play whenever I can after all (:

Good day/evening/night to all! :D

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team aqua is still better than team magma

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Reblog if you’ve actually SEEN the movie “The Aristocats”





Let’s see who’s over 18

I’m 18…

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how many more followers do I need to get anons asking me personal questions and calling me by my first name on a daily basis

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selfie love is so important

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if finland’s country border isnt called the finnish line then i have nothing to live for

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i think every person on the planet who has watched fullmetal alchemist will vouch for me when I say you need to watch fullmetal alchemist

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